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Think Mobile Website First

What is Mobile First?
As the name implies, the mobile first strategy means designing the online experience for mobile website users first. In the past most businesses designed their websites around the desktop computer, and mobile devices were often an afterthought. The mobile first paradigm turns that old strategy on its head.

Why We Use Mobile First
You may have noticed that everyone you know has a smartphone, and that they routinely use those devices to surf the web. The people you know are not unusual; smartphone penetration into the marketplace is quickly reaching critical mass, and that makes the mobile first approach a smart strategy. It is essential that modern websites look great on mobile devices, not just desktop computers.

Benefits of Using Mobile First
The introduction of the smartphone and tablet have led to irreversible changes in the digital landscape. Web-design techniques that worked a few years ago are not longer adequate for the modern world. With more and more users accessing websites from their mobile phones, businesses can no longer afford to ignore these devices. The mobile first approach ensures that websites load quickly on mobile devices and that the text is easy to read on even the smallest smartphone screen.

Inconveniences When Companies Do Not Use the Mobile First Paradigm on Responsive Web Design Sites
You probably have experienced a few of these inconveniences yourself. If you tired to load a website on your smartphone or tablet and found it hard to read and impossible to click through, you probably gave up in frustration and moved on to a site with a better mobile design. Your customers will do the same thing – if your website design does not incorporate the mobile first paradigm, you could see your bounce rates skyrocket as visitors flee to greener pastures.

Disadvantages of Using Mobile First
Mobile first can be difficult for companies to implement, especially if they do not have an in-house IT expert. Mobile first introduces a number of constraints that responsive web design does not. As a result, many webmasters choose to make their sites responsive instead of relying on the mobile first paradigm.

When Not to Use Mobile First
If you know for sure that the majority of visitors to your website are coming from desktop computers, adapting the mobile first strategy could be counterproductive. If you switch to a mobile first design, you could alienate your desktop visitors and even harm your business. It may also not make sense to use mobile first on your website if you already provide a standalone app for smartphone and tablet users.